Librairie Thalie

With its boxes of old books and documents, Librairie Thalie set up shop one day in September 2015, in the magnificent restored Émulation building.

Certainly unique in Belgium – and perhaps even Europe – the connection between an antique and modern book shop and a cultural space devoted to contemporary theatre and dance beckons you to explore and to be surprised by beauty and emotion.  A peaceful dialogue is formed between a multidisciplinary world that is whole-heartedly open to the world of today and a place that is inhabited by authors, artists and creators from the past, who still talk to us today.

Librairie Thalie is a book shop that aims to offer customers old and modern books that cover every field of human knowledge.

However, it specialises in artistic and literary movements from the 19th and 20th centuries.

In order to serve its exacting customers, it selects rare and precious books, first editions, books illustrated by prestigious illustrators and/or artists that were published in limited editions, autographed works, documents, artworks, letters, manuscripts and photo portraits of important men and women in the artistic and literary history of this fertile period.

Librairie Thalie wishes you a wonderful theatrical season. Do not hesitate to step inside our book shop and discover more!

Librairie Thalie
Place du 20-Août 16/003 – 4000 Liège
Tél.+32 (0) 497 700 099