Conversations avec ma mère

From8/12 on12/12/2015 Salle de la Grande Main

Santiago Carlos Ovés et Jordi Galcerán / Pietro Pizzuti

Jaime, a fifty-year-old father, calls his joyful eighty-year-old mother more often than he visits her. Yet, one night, he goes to see her in person to tell her some very bad news: because of the economical crisis, he was laid off and he has to sell the apartment she lives in. But she is bluntly going to refuse this solution. During their overwhelmingly honest tête-à-tête, Jaime is going to show his deep despair; he will be consoled by a human warmth who would soften the toughest of men and the duo will reach mutual and permanent gratefulness for one another. Jacqueline Bir and Alain Leempoe play this story, adapted from an Argentinean film made by Santiago Carlos Ovés with their souls and a sweet complicity as they are directed by Pietro Pizzuti.

In French

Authors Santiago Carlos Ovés and Jordi Galcerán

Adapted from the scenario of the movie Conversationes con mama by Santiago Carlos Ovés

Director  Pietro Pizzuti

Theatrical adaptation Jordi Galcerán

French translator Dyssia Loubatière

Assistant director Vincent Vanderbeeken

Scenic and costumes designer Delphine Coërs

Lighting designer Marc Lhommel

Sound designer Laurent Beumier

Dance professor  Daniela Lucà

Video director  Benoît Gillet

Dramaturges Aurore Mignolet and Thierry Mukala

With Jacqueline Bir and Alain Leempoel


Coproducers Panache Diffusion sprl and Théâtre Le Public

With the collaboration of Vénerie – Centre Culturel de Watermael-Boitsfort

The authors are represented in French-speaking countries by the agence MCR, Marie Cécile Renaud, Parisin in agreement with Felix Bloch Erben Agency, Berlin Germany.