On the Théâtre de Liège

The Mardaga editions publish:

« En transparences » of Magrou Rafaël


The book, which is built around the prefix trans– tells in 16 chapters the story of the transformation of the Société de l’Émulation building into the Théâtre de Liège.


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Jouer le jeu. De l’autre côté du théâtre belge

In September 2009, the Théâtre de Liège had the book Jouer le jeu. De l’autre côté du théâtre belge published by the editions Luc Pire


The book

In October 2009, the Théâtre de la Place gave an overview of the contemporary creation in the French-speaking community through the Festival Emulation/Europe Communauté française. On the agenda, you can find about ten artists who have left their mark on the theatrical landscape of our Community. On the one hand, we have artists who belong to the French-speaking theatre, which gives more importance to words and on the other hand, those who belong to the Flemish theatre which distances itself from classical conventions and tries out new ideas. In both cases, the artists have succeeded in questioning representations with a strong and singular creative work. Jouer le jeu. De l’autre côté du theatre belge intends to be a reference tool, a reflection about those who contribute to build the identity of the Belgian French-speaking theatre.

This book asks all kinds of questions: what does make sense today in the theatre? How do our graphic representations develop? Do singular work methods exist? How do we produce, create and prepare a new project?


Artists and companies mentioned in the book

Patrick Corillon

Eve Bonfanti & Yves Hunstad

Armel Roussel

Claude Schmitz

Galin Stoev

Jean-Benoît Ugeux

Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski


Groupe Toc

Zouzou Leyens

Françoise Berlanger

Anne-Cécile Vandalem

Editor – Benoit Vreux

Director of the Centre des Arts scéniques de la Communauté française de Belgique, Benoit Vreux has been an attentive observer of the Belgian theatre for years.

Ubu : Emergence(s) dans le théâtre européen

The Théâtre de Liège and the department Histoire et Analyse du Théâtre at the University worked with the magazine UBU and published a special edition about young artists entitled “Emergence(s) dans le théâtre européen” in July 2010. This issue offers an overview of the young generation of rising artists from the 27 European countries. The people who worked on this issue give us then the possibility to compare the different theatres in the world today.

This publication is a part of the work which has been carried out by the Theatre for a few years to support and spot young companies.

Le Théâtre et ses publics : la création partagée

This work gathers all the interventions made by the artists and the searchers who took part in the colloquium Le theatre et ses publics: la creation partagée, organised between September 26th and 29th by the Théâtre de la Place and the University. The several economical crises and neoliberal ideologies’ growing grip has led public authorities to give up partially in different ways on art, culture and education. This puts in jeopardy the social contract which supported the idea of a public-service theatre and causes a series of political, sociological, economical and esthetical changes.

This book, edited by Nancy Delhalle with the collaboration of Aline Dethise, gathers the main interventions of the artists and searchers:.-M. Autissier‚ C. Balme‚ T. Bartolomeu Costa‚ F. Bauchard‚ R. Canziani‚ R. Castellucci‚ J. Delcuvellerie‚ N. Delhalle‚ M. De Marinis‚ L. Fleury‚ M. Freydefont‚ M. Furlan‚ P. Giacchè‚ J.-P. Han‚ W. Hillaert‚ M. Ikoubaân‚ S. Kaegi‚ É. Lacascade‚ T. Okada‚ S. Olivier‚ O. Ponte di Pino‚ J.-M. Piemme‚ S. Saada‚ M. H. Serõdio‚ C. Servais‚ E. Slevogt‚ R. Solis‚ C. Stalpaert et S. Verdoodt‚ D. Tércio‚ J. Thielemans‚ K. Vanhaesebrouck‚ J. M. Vieira Mendes‚ J.-M. Wynants.