From the Théâtre du Gymnase to the Théâtre de la Place, the Théâtre de Liège’s costume collection is constantly growing.

Thanks to our costuming workshop (located in Rue des Carmes) and expertise, it now houses more than 17,000 pieces in every conceivable style: period, ethnic, military, fantasy, vintage, etc.

Following several collaborations with talented artists, such as Maggy Jacot, Jan Fabre and Christian Lacroix, our collection is full of real gems and other exceptional pieces. All of these costumes are available for you to rent, whether you are a theatre professional or a private individual.

From period costumes to the present day, you are sure to find the perfect outfit for your event or artistic project.

Do not hesitate to contact Marie Lovenberg for further information, a meeting or a fitting:, +32 (0)42 2059 57