Festival Pays de Danses

Du 26/01 au 24/02/2018 Théâtre de Liège

Programme complet dès décembre 2017

The Festival Pays de Danses, unique platform for the artists of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, also dedicate a chunk of its programming to a land and to the specificities that make it. An pleasant way of varying the pleasures that the Théâtre de Liège works to offer you, certainly, but it is most and foremost the opportunity to apprehend the answers that other cultures bring to the many smokescreens that the world’s pace offers us. The seventh edition of the Festival does not break with this principal and offers you a focus on Southern Africa, confronted, among others, by powerful social changes, unrestrained capitalism, xenophobia and mass migrations. We will discover the diversity of the approaches and the plurality of the artistic processes that the dancers lay out on stage as an answer, resistance or refusal to the major changes that besiege them and that are ours to clear as much as theirs.

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November 2017
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