Il Sangue

The9/11/2015 Salle de la Grande Main

Spectacle-concert de Pippo Delbono

In Italian, surtitled in French

The great sensitive artist Pippo Delbono has created this time a concert in a dramatic manner. In a musical journey through classicism, Il Sanguo (The Blood) examines the social and political situation around him using the Oedipus complex. Oedipus is bound to face death or, even worse, to face life and the suicide of his mother after having conceived three cursed sons. The great voice of the talented singer Petra Magoni perfectly fit the melodies from the Renaissance, as Pippo Delbono builds the tragedy around his personal history. In this concert between sky and earth, the public can see Sophocles hand in hand with Leonard Cohen, Sinead O’Connor, Fabrizio De André and listen to Ilaria Fantin’s great compositions played with ancient instruments such as the lute or the orpharion.


Creator and director Pippo Delbono

With Pippo Delbono, Petra Magoni

Lute, orpharion, oud and electric guitar player Ilaria Fantìn


Producer Compagnie Pippo Delbono

Co-producer Festival del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza, en collaboration avec l’Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione