La Belle au bois dormant

From13/11 on14/11/2015 Salle de la Grande Main

D'après Charles Perrault / Jean-Michel Rabeux

Jean-Michel Rabeux, a big fan of Charles Perrault’s, has decided to tell La Belle au bois dormant his own way. He has kept from the original story: the initiatory woods, the forbidden spindle, the hundred-year-long sleep, the good and bad fairies and the kiss given by the more than charming prince. The worse, much worse, is yet to come. Indeed, the prince’s mother is an ogress who wants to eat everybody around her. Here she has become a very nice mother, queen of finance willing to marry his son so he gives her lots of rich ogre-like grandchildren, who will end up in her own marmite. You will also see a smooth-talking lion, a rustic wolf, a impassive hunter, a beating-on-its-own torn apart heart, a twisted prince, a drone, rollers and flowers, a running-away doe, magic potions and many other elements that belong to a fairy tale. The children face here the depth of souls. The bad guys will be punished and the happy ending is guaranteed. Our sweet toddlers have not yet experienced the despair we know all too well.

For all audiences, starting from 6 years old



Adapted from Charles Perrault

Playwright and director Jean-Michel Rabeux

Scenic designers Bérengère Vallet and Jean-Michel Rabeux
Costumes designers Sophie Hampe and Jean-Michel Rabeux
Lighting designer Jean-Claude Fonkenel

Stage management Denis Arlot

Assistant director Geoffrey Coppini

Assistant scenic and accessories designer Marion Abeille

With Morgane Arbez, Jacinthe Cappello, Corinne Cicolari and Renaud Triffault


Production manager La Compagnie

With support from L’apostrophe-scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise & Val d’Oise and la Maison des métallos.

La Compagnie is funded by the ministère de la Culture and de la Communication – DRAC Ile-de-France ad supported by the région Ile-de-France as an artistic and cultural performanceand by the département de la Seine-Saint-Denis.