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Marguerite Duras / Guillemette Laurent

A man and a women fall in love and get married Then they separate. One last time, during a night in a hotel, Anne-Marie and Michel try to talk, try to understand the puzzle that lead them to loss, to the disaster of the other. The amorous confrontation of these two beings, magnificently played by Catherine Salée and Yoann Blanc (having already worked together in the TV series La Trêve), is punctuated by the language of Marguerite Duras with their contrasts, silences, accelerations, crossovers and babbling. Guillemette Laurent produces this last dance on the very brink of the abyss.



Avec Catherine Salée et Yoann Blanc

Texte Marguerite Duras

Mise en scène Guillemette Laurent

Scénographie et Costumes Christine Grégoire et Nicolas Mouzet-Tagawa

Création Lumière Julie Petit-Etienne

Régie générale Nicolas Sanchez


Production Le Colonel Astral

Coproduction Théâtre Océan Nord

Un accueil en résidence du Théâtre Océan Nord

Avec le soutien de Bloom Project et l’aide à la reprise de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Service du théâtre CAPT

Diffusion Bloom Project (Stéphanie Barboteau/Claire Alex)


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