Le Dernier Ami

The9/03/2016 Salle de l’Œil vert

Eric Durnez / Thierry Lefèvre et Delphine Veggiotti

All age groups (14 and above)

On a stage with a used door, barefooted Thierry Lefèvre is telling us us the story of an unattached wanderer who walks through the rocky paths through a mountain land and forgotten villages, through rivers in woods of chestnut trees. The nomad, lost in time, gives himself the liberty to stop whenever he wants and allows himself the time to build an unpredicted but deep friendship with Sam, a strange and bitter character. This relation overwhelms him and modifies intensely his existence, his perceptions and his knowledge. This wonderful play, which won the Prix de la ville de Huy and the Coup de Coeur de la presse 2014, is an ode to memory, to time which builds up our relationships, to landscapes, to the places that live in us. This show was written with accuracy by the late Éric Durnez and directed by Thierry Lefèvre and Delphine Veggiotti. This pure emotion, without any sentimentality, gives us the will to live and to love.



A MOMENT WITH ÉRIC – Tribute to Éric Durnez (play, readings, meetings)
He was an unfortunately little known Belgian poet and playwright: Éric Durnez, aged 55, died in June 2014. He was continuously trying out new genres and styles and gave birth to a diversified poetic sensitive literary work, mainly for a young public. He was awarded several times and he gives now one last gift to the Théâtre Jeune Public: his last play, Le Dernier Ami, which is performed with much emotion by his friend Thierry Lefèvre

Detailed program of lectures and meetings coming soon

In collaboration with the Centre culturel de Liège – Les Chiroux, Une Compagnie, les Editions Lansman/Emile et compagnie, le Rideau de Bruxelles. With the support from Centre des Écritures Dramatique Wallonie-Bruxelles


Author Eric Durnez

Director Thierry Lefèvre and Delphine Veggiotti

Lighting designer Laurence Drevard

Stage manager Aude Dierkens and Laurence Drevard

With Thierry Lefèvre

Producer Une Compagnie

Presented in collaboration with the Centre culturel de Liège – Les Chiroux