The4/03/2016 Salle de l’Œil vert

Collectif Novae

From 8 years

Tonight, it is Christmas: we eat, we laugh and we speak several languages. All the family is reunited around the table, except the father Lucien, who died a long time ago. His son is pulling away from the noise: melancholy embraces him and takes him to a strange place: whose is this dog which can’t stop barking? And who are these smiling children? Is it raining? Little by little memories are coming up: his childhood friend, the holidays in Portugal, creamy pastries which taste a bit like sea salt, his father on a building site. An interactive universe and a magical décor take us with its humour and its tenderness to somewhere else. Through manipulated objects and acrobatics, Lucien speaks about an immigrant’s son’s childhood, the relationships with family and the questions a young adult asks himself about his identities.


The collective Novae (which means “temporary, sudden and intense increase of the stars’ brightness”) presents us a poetic performance about immigration, origins and transmission. A mix of flashbacks and nostalgia which helps us move forward.




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Actors Gabriel Da Costa and Sophie Mallard

Playwright and director Tatjana Pessoa

Creator and scenic designer Gabriel Da Costa

Sound designer and manager Aurélien Van Trimpont

Lighting designer Caspar Langhoff

Lighting management Sophie Maillard

Stage designer Johan Van Der Maat

Producer Collectif Novae

Broadcast Anna Giolo – AD LIB. Diffusion –