Pénélope et les trois p’tits cochons

Du 27/09 au 09/10/2015 Salle de l’Œil vert

Cie Hop Ar Noz


The brand new theatre company from Liege, Hop Ar Noz, is presenting a tasty satire about food-related excesses. In this story, a hen and three men on the verge of madness decide to run a theatre. In an atmosphere that reflects our fast-forwarding world, our three heroes satirize the poisonous empire of consumerism. Hunger, market economy, genetic manipulation, fast food, intensive farming, contamination and pesticides have never sparked such a feeling of joy, happiness, pride and love. The media stupefy us thanks to a gigantic amount of daily advertising and make us consume in an absurd frenzy. Awesome, right? What if the breeding conditions of chickens were tightly connected with the mankind’s future? What if we were the chickens of tomorrow?

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Auteurs et interprètes Eugène Egle-Corlin, Simon Drahonnet, Sylvain Dai

Créateur technique et scénographe Cyril Aribaud

Stimulateur  Pietro Varrasso

Créateur sonore Jean-Pierre Urbano

Graphiste affiche  Emilia Tillberg

Porteurs de projet Eugène Egle-Corlin & Simon Drahonnet


Coproduction Cie Hop Ar Noz, Théâtre de Liège et Théâtre de Poche

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