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Yannis Ritsos / Marianne Pousseur et Enrico Bagnoli

La trilogie des éléments
OEuvre pour voix seule et machines célibataires
Ismène L’Eau / Phèdre Le Feu / Ajax L’Air

Marianne Pousseur and Enrico Bagnoli work brilliantly to explore an innovative, experimental and contemporary theatrical language. Their research is built around three amazing monologues written by the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos.

Having married Theseus, the King of Athens, Phaedra has fallen hopelessly in love with the son he had with the Queen of the Amazons. But he is impervious to her love: he has other game to hunt. The heat of her unrequited passion damages Phaedra’s integrity, imprisoning her in mental and physical torment varying from desire, pain and vengeance.