The22/11/2015 Ancien Abattoir / Eupen

Agnès Limbos et Grégory Houben / Compagnie Gare Centrale

Originally: a couple is lost at sea in a small tub. The wind makes the boat and the couple sway. They have literally nothing left. They have lost everything: the bank took everything from them. They think that only Jesus can help them and give them their color TV back. They call on him in a heartbreaking improvised Gospel and end up grounding on a piece of land. A piece of virgin land? Gregory Houben and Agnès Limbos go from playing to storytelling, in a theatre made of objects, dialogues and music.

Playwrights and actors Agnès Limbos et Gregory Houben

Outside perspective and writing collaborator Françoise Bloch

Original musicGregory Houben

Scenic designer Agnès Limbos

Costumes designer Emilie Jonet

Creator and rail designer Sébastien Boucherit

Producer Compagnie Gare Centrale