Tribulations d’un musulman d’ici

From30/11 on08/12/2017 Salle de l’Œil vert

Ismaël Saidi

Ismaël Saïdi is an author, screenwriter and director. He gave us the show Djihad, a veritable success in Belgium and in France and Géhenne, programmed within our walls last season. But who is behind the work? Who is this man committed in favour of the gathering of all cultures? Where does his militancy come from? Also, what does being “muslim” and “here” mean? Ismaël Saïdi will tell it all!

Seul en scène Ismaël Saidi

Texte et mise en scène Ismaël Saidi

Musicien sur scène Mohamed Mesbahi

Scénographie Yvan Bruyère

Régie Xavier Barbier

Production Aviscène ASBL



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