From15/03 on19/03/2016 Salle de la Grande Main

Philippe Blasband

An ingenuous and quite good-looking plumber is first phoned to unplug a clog in a shower. But when he arrives, the eager and a bit undressed owner throws herself on him. Far from being put off by this behaviour, he does not refuse this payment in kind but wants to know more about this uncontrollable need to have sex without love. His apparent disdain and his personal questions help her to dive deep into her inner self. Lovemaking becomes talking: the two lovebirds start a discussion about solitude, God, divorce, Allen keys, existential failures, the desire to have a child and water filters. Hormones act as a truth serum for both lonely characters. We laugh a lot listening to the words written by Phillipe Blasband in which we find an ironic eroticism. It starts like a striptease and ends up like a fairy tale: this (actual) couple throws us into the twists and turns of our own feelings, urges and instincts.

logoCU 19/03/2016

Director Philippe Blasband
Assistant director Cachou Kirsch

Scenic designer Jean-François Cassart

Costumes designer Chandra Vellut

Lighting designer Virginie Saint-Martin
With Charlie Dupont and Tania Garbarski


Producer Théâtre Le Public