Theatre Friends Association

Get closer to the Théâtre de Liège!

The theatre is without doubt an ideal place to meet, exchange and share with others. In one word, to live your life. The theatre plays a major role in the city’s and region’s cultural development. And so do you!

The association « Les Amis du Théâtre de Liège » offers you unique advantages and occasions to share your passion.

Under the governance of Michel Foret, the association’s objective is to become one of the Theatre’s pillars of strength in order to build together tomorrow’s Theatre, even closer to the public and even more successful in his artistic missions in a larger sense: creating new works in theatre and dance, widening the publics, broadening its influence inside and outside of Belgium…


Why should you become a member of the association Ami(e) du Théâtre de Liège ?

By joining the association, you will play an active part in the development of the Theater. And, of course, you will enjoy exclusive benefits!

Some of these benefits:

– Cheaper subscriptions;

– Invitations to exclusive activities for members only (visiting other theatres inside and outside of Belgium, visiting the Festival d’Avignon, etc.)

– You’ll receive in absolute priority all the promotions available to you!

How do you become a member of the association Ami(e) du Théâtre de Liège ?

Une cotisation de 30 € (individuel) ou 40 € (couples, deux ami(e)s…) vous est demandée.

La somme doit être versée sur le compte de l’association « Les Amis du Théâtre de Liège », au numéro 340-1528495-07.

Cette participation est valable pour une saison.

More information

Isabelle Collard

04 344 71 97