10 miniballetti

The9/02/2016 Salle de la Grande Main

CollettivO CineticO

10 Miniballeti is an exploration based on a note book from the Italian choreographer Francesca Pennines’ childhood. In this time machine, there is room for each part of the memory but also for the maths of gestures, cybernetics, the chaos theory, the queer theory’s application and, even more important, a great irony which surrounds everything else. Between geometry and whirlwind, the air element makes up the paradigm for a reflection on the boundaries of control. Streams and storms, air fans, drones, birds and grands jetés become an allegory to the relation between dance and its choreography. The Collectif Cinético brilliantly develops a moving and suspended geography, in a dialogue with the audience, involving them in a tribute to elegant and liberating dancing. A captivating moment honouring the love for something bigger than us.


  • 20:00 mardi 09 février
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