Events - 06/11/2018 - 05/01/2019


To See a World in a Grain of Sand

From6 Nov on5 Jan 2019

Salle des pieds Légers

Chi-Yung Wong

The Hong Kong artist, Chi-Yung Wong specialises in the design of immersive lighting installations.

Young public

Focus Karyatides

From27 Nov on7 Dec 2018

Salle de l’Œil vert

Auteur & Metteur en scène
Compagnie Unetelle

Les Karyatides is fun and full of poetry.


Scapin 68

From27 Nov on7 Dec 2018

Salle de la Grande Main

Molière / Thierry Debroux

Léandre and Octave’s revolt against their despotic and miserable fathers, their search for financial independence, their desire to choose their fate and life partner freely, echoes the uphea…