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Ayelen Parolin

Arrived from Argentina in the beginning of the 2000s, the dancer Ayelen Parolin created her autobiographical solo over 10 years ago, to which she gave her birth date as a title, like a business card, but also as a way to ward off her bad luck and stimulate her work. Through dancing, she tells her story which goes from ballet dancing before settling into contemporary dance in Brussels. Today, she has become a choreographer, a woman and a mother and she has chosen to recreate her moving performance, inviting us to discover her emotions and her anguish. This touching interpretation is built on the body’s memory, reality and intimacy but is also fed with irony and danger and inhabited by humour and contradictions. She has met the challenge she addressed herself because there is no decor, no costumes, no music but rhythm in every move, such as a body melody. 25.06.76, praised by the New York Times, tells a story about roots, the ones we get and the ones we plant. Ayelen Parolin is a guest at the Theatre for an artist-in-residence program in 2016 and 2017.


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