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Peter Verhelst / Oscar Van Rompay

Oscar Van Rompay is an actor in the troop NTGent and, this is quite uncommon, he also lives in Kenya where he manages a trading tree plantation. In Africa, the actor and director Peter Verhelst gives him a great challenge: to play himself and interpret the complexity of his personality as a Western white businessman who tries in vain to be an equal to his fellow black men. Africa, this object of desire filled with exoticism, music, sex, violence and natural wonders, will unfold to us before its illusion shatters. Oscar Van Rompay will then tell us the impossibility to have a grip on Africa, even on the dark side of the preponderant liberal orthodoxy, according to which free trade may be the ideal instrument for individual development and rapprochement of cultures. This story explains the mechanisms in use to find its place in a foreign society and the more common human mistakes.

In French

Director Peter Verhelst

Authors Peter Verhelst and Oscar Van Rompay

Sound designer Kreng

Stage manager Luc Goedertier, Flup Beys

Lighting designer Dennis Diels

Costumes designer An De Mol

Playwright Bernard Dewulf

With Oscar Van Rompay


Producer NTGent



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