AI & Immersion

The17/11/2017 Uliege / Salle Académique

10:00 – 13:00

Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence: Around an internet of emotions


Jean-Claude Heudin (Director IIM Paris-La Défense), Florent Aziosmanoff (Producer, Author, Theorist – Living Art), Vincent Favrat (CEO Musimap)

IA. More than a buzzword, it is a real revolution that we are about to live in the years to come. From industry to artistic creation, all sectors will be impacted by the development of Artificial Intelligences. Overcoming the dystopian fantasy of machine dominance, the issue now seems to be based on the mechanisms of negotiation and collaboration that will have to develop between these intelligences. The key ? An Internet of Emotions?



14:30 – 17:30

Immersive realities – the world at 360° degrees


Eric Joris (CREW), Eric Arnal Burtschy (BC Pertendo), Michaël Bhar & Samuel Meirlaen (Big Boy Systems), Sophie Berque & François Jadoulle (RTBF Interactive), François Fripiat (CEO Sonicville 360°)


Augmented reality, virtual reality, binaural sound. Immersive technologies are increasingly invading our everyday lives. The artistic and cultural sector thus seems to be an ideal field of experimentation to invent and develop new devices and services. Artists, cultural institutions, start-ups will meet around the table to discuss and consider new technologies in this field.