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Le Vlard

The Vlard has been working for two years in a hangar that was left unused for years and that no one wanted. Their costumes are made of remains of curtains, old clothes and recovered accessories. They collect raw materials and unused technical equipment to build their decor and light.

It is the idea to create a show about and with the remains of our common history.
It is the will to seize the past to question our time and its violence.

Conception et scénographie Le Vlard

Jeu Delphine De Baere, Salim Djaferi, Bastien Montes, Marthe Wetzel

Mise en scène Clément Papachristou

Création lumière Octavie Piéron

Coproduction Le Vlard, Théâtre de Liège

Remerciements Le Corridor/Liège, Pierre Clément, Martine De Michele, Edith Bertholet et La Halte/Liège, le Service des tailleurs de pierres de la Ville de Liège.


  • 16:00 dimanche 23 avril
  • 19:00 mardi 25 avril
  • 19:00 mercredi 26 avril
  • 19:00 jeudi 27 avril
  • 19:00 vendredi 28 avril
  • 19:00 samedi 29 avril
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