Au pied du mur du temps

The15/02/2016 Salle de la Grande Main

Fatou Traoré

This work results from the collaboration between the French-Malian choreographer Fatou Traoré, the double bassist Alex Gilain and the dance company from Bamako GnagamiX. Inspired by the Malian photographer Malick Sidibé’s work, they have invited the visual artist Abdou Ouologhem and the sociologist Richard Toé to participate to their research. Eight dancers and five musicians, from Europe and West Africa, celebrate the cultural melting pot of genres through African traditional and European contemporary dance. They give us the reflection of a world in progress, which does not give in to temptation or to the cultural shock, but which would rather build itself on the sensitive relation between individuals to become more and more human. You will also be delighted by a very unique interpretation of Ravel’s Bolero which is played with instruments from both continents: these will lead dancers into a trance where every body will have its own sound.


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