The3/11/2017 Uliege / Salle Académique

Organic Orchestra

Who has never dreamed of living in Minority Report mode? It touches the order of the possible with the invention of the B-Glove, an interactive glove developed by the Organic Orchestra Company and a team of researchers linked to the Atelier Arts-Sciences in Grenoble. Beatboxer, Ezra, who in his non-verbal approach allows us to witness the birth of a body language. The principle of the glove, developed in the framework of a residence at the Atelier Arts Sciences (CEA – Grenoble and Hexagone National Scene Arts Sciences – Meylan) is simple: a “switch” is placed on each phalanx and can be pressed by the thumb. Ezra uses them as tracks and juggles with melodies by mixing them live, piloting the multiplication of his voice, mastering the device sound and light to 360 ° and visual effects. This organic, technological, musical, visual and interactive performance lets us see the fantastic future applications promised by the B-Glove. Through visual and sound panels, Ezra tells us the beginnings of the glove and tries to touch the dreams and future applications with the fingertips.


Free admission (B GLOVE – Eventbrite)

Art Direction, Music Ezra
Graphic design & content Antoine Berr
Video & graphic content Steven Briand
Computer development Martin Hermant, Benjamin Kuperberg

Production Cie Organic Orchestra
Co-productions Hexagone, Scène Nationale Arts Sciences de Meylan, Le Plan II Ris-Orangis


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