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Nicolas Ancion / Collectif Mensuel


After their successful collaboration in L’homme qui valait 35 milliards, the Collectif Mensuel and Nicolas Ancion are coming back much to our delight. They are presenting us the story of a people who decide to fight back when they become aware of the upper class’ violence towards them. The authors use more than ever humour as a weapon, dealing at a distance with the bitter reality we face closely every day. Blockbuster is a mash up, a very trendy activity on the Internet which consists of taking existing scenes or videos to make a parody. Here, the authors used images from American blockbusters, symbols of the capitalist ideology, to create a “monster film” to show an insurrection. The dubbing, the music and the sound effects are made live by the actors and the musicians from the Collectif Manuel. A play full of promises!

In French


Playwrights Nicolas Ancion / Collectif Mensuel

Artistic designer and director Collectif Mensuel

Assistant director Edith Bertholet

Video designer and editor Juliette Achard

Scenic and costumes designer Claudine Maus

Lighting and technical designer Manu Deck

Stage manager Dylan Schmit

Sound manager Matthew Higuet

Sound effects designer Céline Bernard

Photography and graphic designer Goldo

Stage designer Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

Project coordinator Adrien De Rudder

With Sandrine Bergot, Quentin Halloy, Baptiste Isaia, Philippe Lecrenier, Renaud Riga



Creator Collectif Mensuel

Producer Cie Pi 3,14

Co-producer Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre National / Bruxelles.

With help from la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service Théâtre.

In collaboration with Arsenic 2, le PBA-L’ancre et l’Eden.


  • 16:00 dimanche 27 septembre
  • 19:00 mercredi 30 septembre
  • 20:00 jeudi 01 octobre
  • 20:00 vendredi 02 octobre
  • 20:00 samedi 03 octobre
  • 19:00 mercredi 07 octobre
  • 20:00 jeudi 08 octobre
  • 20:00 vendredi 09 octobre
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