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We were particularly delighted with the closing of the Festival Pays de Danses this year. Indeed, three amazing couples of tango dancers will be reunited in Liege especially for this occasion. First, the Frères Filipeli, Nicolás and Germán are without a doubt the most admirable tango dancers at the moment (it is said that at the beginning, tango was only danced by men). A second duo is made up by Juan Malizia and Manuela Rossi, the 2014 tango world champions. At last, you will discover Eber Burger and Yésica Lozano, the 2012 tango world champions. On stage, they will be accompanied by the Orchestre El Arranque, made up of six wonderful musicians, and a guest of honor, the singer Juan Villareal. After their performance, you will have the opportunity to dance freely yourself on the music of the DJ Nero Juan, coming straight out of Buenos Aires. Happiness does exist.


Salle de l’OEil vert

After the two performances of Buenos Aires Tango, a great ball (a milonga) will be organized. You will be have the chance to hear live musicians as well as recorded music mixed by the popular DJ Juan Negro from Buenos Aires. The tango world champions will dance first to open the ball and then… it will be your turn to shine!

The Théâtre de Liège organizes two exceptional tango lessons which will be given by the performers of Buenos Aires Tango.
Beginners: from 1.30pm to 3pm / Experts : from 3.30pm to 5.00pm
Please contact Bertrand Lahaut – b.lahaut@theatredeliege.be
to subscribe to the lessons before February 1st (15 couples by lesson, maximum)



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