C.a.p.e KIT

The19/11/2017 cultuurcentrum, Hasselt

CREW (Brussels)

C.a.p.e KIT (computer assisted personal environment) is a unique kind of performance, developed in close collaboration with scientists. This first creation for children by CREW, a Brussels artistic collective initiated by Eric Joris, incorporates us into 360 ° images and an omnidirectional sound system. Equipped with virtual reality glasses, motion sensors and headphones, we are invited, through our movements and our walk, to discover an alternative universe near the edge of the fantastic. A little girl dressed in red, Alice futuristic, takes us by the hand and the strangest things will happen. A breathtaking immersive adventure whether you are 8 or 88 years old.

Director Chantalla Pleiter
Concept C.a.p.e. Eric Joris
Coach actor Ivan Vrambout
Actor Hannah Vrambout
Technical operator Koen Goossens
Assistant to the director Jana Declercq
Lights Julien Ladavid
Sound Ruben Nachtergaele
Production coordinator Vicky Vermoezen
Artistic director CREW Eric Joris
Technological development CREW Vincent Jacobs
CREW administrator Vicky Vermoezen
General direction CREW Hilde Teuchies

C.a.p.e. KIT is CREW production, co-produced by STORMOPKOMST Festival

CREW receives structural support from the Ministry of Culture of the Flemish Community


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