The4/02/2018 Espace Duesberg

Anton Lachky {Brussels}






From 6 years

Anton Lachky writes his first creation, a breath-taking dance intended for young audiences. A sort of choreographic “exquisite corpse” criticizing our desire to understand everything.  This surrealist tale stages four characters who let themselves be driven by the extravagancies of their imaginations. The themes of sharing, friendship, and groups are addressed with humour and bravery in a bubbling of energy, dance, music, and games with high-profile artists for our children! 

Chorégraphie Anton Lachky

Interprétation Mami Izumi, Anna Karenina Lambrechts, Luan De Lima, Angel Duran

Doublure Ioulia Zacharaki

Lumière et son Tom Daniels

Costumes Britt Angé

Production Seventyseven vzw

Coproduction Krokusfestival, Charleroi danse

Avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles / Service Danse


  • 17:00 dimanche 04 février
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