Collection côté cour / côté jardin

From18/09 on15/10/2022 Salle des pieds Légers

The Province of Liège and the Théâtre de Liège are continuing their collaboration based around the Provincial Artistic Collection. With each new season, a particular individual from the theatre world is invited to choose from the works of art in this rich and diverse collection, which is not well known among the general public.

This time, the entire team from the theatre has assumed the role of art curator, highlighting a selection of works that align with the major themes for this new season.

We hope that this exhibition, which has been created using a transversal approach, will spark a new dialogue between the works and allow viewers to discover something unique.



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Tuesday to Saturday 14:00 – 18:00


© Michaël Dans, Sans titre, Photographie, 2018