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From17/12 on28/12/2017 Salle de la Grande Main

Herb Gardner / Jean-Claude Berutti

Author Herb Gardner offers us an unclassifiable and picturesque gem of American theatre. Owner of a café, Itzhak Eddie Goldberg Ross is worried about making his Ashkenazi origins disappear by fitting into the Yankee mould. But he didn’t count on his wife who respects the Yiddish traditions, their two sons dealing with racist vexations and the café’s regulars that form a small group of Jewish immigrants. The amazing producer Jean-Claude shows this exile chant in a funny way, escorted by all its verses about the hard-fought and finally failed integration. Once upon a time, there was America…

Interprétation François Bertrand, William Clobus, Ferdinand Despy, Itsik Elbaz, Antoine Herbulot, Michel Kacenelenbogen, Clément Papachristou, Bernadette Riga, Marvin Schlick, Lotfi Yahya Jedidi, Aylin Yay


Texte Herb Gardner

Version française Jean-Claude Grumberg

Mise en scène Jean-Claude Berutti

Réalisation des décors et des costumes Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

Production Théâtre de Liège et DC & J CREATION avec le soutien du tax-shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique

Coproduction Théâtre le Public, Atelier Jean Vilar, Compagnie Jean-Claude Berutti

Avec le soutien du Centre des Arts Scéniques



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