Corps de Textes

From16/04 on20/04/2024 Théâtre de Liège

In the spring, the Corps de Textes Festival serves as a place where literature and the performing arts come together, as a time when the power of words and the singular emotions they inspire in us are celebrated with great joy. Shows, readings and encounters follow one after another to better celebrate the limitless language and creativity shown by artists who appropriate it to change it, twist it, deform it and draw out its poetry !

With its focus on Quebec, francophony – from Belgium and elsewhere in the world – will be honoured, offering new discoveries concerning a language that is so close to us, and yet so far away, one that is spoken on five continents and in countless varieties, making it an endless source of wondrous curiosities.

Allow yourself to be guided through this event dedicated to contemporary authors and texts, which will highlight the job of the writer, the endless riches of the French language and its unique prose.


Full programme from March 2024


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