Des pieds et des pattes

The2/02/2020 Espace Duesberg

Irene K {Eupen}

In the beginning, there were paws. Human beings sprung up in the cold light of nothingness. Their footprints left in the sand, earth and stone guide us and bring us back to ourselves: humans. As soon as paws gave way to feet, the dialogue began. The music is found in this not-always-peaceful journey and the dance explores the relationships between men and nature and animals, between dreams and reality, between the everyday and the extraordinary.
Gentle and mischievous!

À partir de 3 ans

Jeune Public
et Famille

Direction artistique Irene Kalbusch
Chorégraphie Irene Kalbusch, Anaïs Van Eycken
Danse et développement du matériau Anaïs Van Eycken, Karolina Kardasz, Gold Mayanga
Dramaturgie Jean Lambert
Oeil extérieur Ina Mertens
Costumes Sabine Kreiter
Musique Milan Warmoeskerken
Lumière Jean-Louis Gille
Production Irene K Compagnie
Coproduction Centre culturel de Welkenraedt.


  • 16:00 dimanche 02 février
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  • Tarif plein 8 €
  • Tarifs réduits 6 €