The8/11/2018 cultuurcentrum, Hasselt

Ulrike Quade Company & Silbersee { Amsterdam }

Imagine that the technology of tip saves you from suffering, aging and to die ! In a mix of theater visual, operatic and technological Dutch actors of Ulrike Quade Company and the Belgian theater troupe
musical Silbersee base their show on Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray, one of Flagship works of Irish literature. The story is transposed into the future, Dorian Gray is no longer a dandy of the nineteenth century, but a metrosexual of
the digital age. experimentation technological makes him immortal and he enters an artificial world where old age and decadence do not exist not. He becomes the perfect man: young, admirable and eternally inaccessible.
The human being of the future, released from the human condition. The latter stage of evolution raises a question mark : what is life without death? and decadence? Be careful what you wish for ...


Direction Ulrike Quade
Concept Ulrike Quade, Romain Bischoff
Performers Maarten Vinkenoog, André Lourenço, Kadri Tegelmann
Musical dramaturgy Romain Bischoff
Libretto Marcel Roijaards
Composition Leonard Evers, Akim Moiseenkov
Creative coding Robert Liebner
Costume Design Marlou Breuls
Lighting and stage design Floriaan Ganzevoort
Dramaturgy Thomas Lamers. |



  • 20:00 jeudi 08 novembre
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