The4/02/2016 Cité Miroir

Juan Onofri Barbato

The Compagnie KM29 includes on the one hand professional dancers and on the other hand, young marginal people coming from the suburbs in Buenos Aires who have taken contemporary dance and hip-hop lessons with the choreographer Juan Onofri Barbato during a rehabilitation program. This collaboration was so successful that it has become a wonderful symbol for integration. Duramadre unfolds as a relationships network which transforms the body into an incredibly complex platform, starving for connections with others. Through this incredible performance, these six dancers strengthen this common-shared body and emancipate from these labelled identities to open up to a presence which refuses alienating categories.
Electronic music, composed live with photosensitive instruments, almost becomes visible and palpable. The performance stays with us the following days, giving us the certainty that art can make us better and even transform us to our very core.