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Jan Martens

Flemish dancer and choreographer Jan Martens, who was invited to the main courtyard at the Festival d’Avignon 2022, designs his work as a refuge, one in which the concept of time becomes tangible again and offers room for observation, emotions and reflection. This solo, which is performed by Jan Martens himself, is in the unusual form of a danced portrait. It is dedicated to the great Polish musician Élisabeth Chojnacka (1939–2017), whose exceptional talent and passion contributed to the revival of the harpsichord during the second half of the 20th century. A soundtrack alternates between interviews with her loved ones, which evoke the life and work of the Polish artist, and a wide range of recordings, from Nyman to Ligeti and Montague, which she made during her fifty-year career. Jan Martens dances with genius proficiency to the radical, frenetic and percussive work of the harpsichord player, whose rhythmic complexity is highlighted by the movement, making listening a more fluid experience. The dancer employs as many styles of choreography as the musician had registers in her repertoire, as part of a virtuosic, fusional and monumental tribute to her.





Chorégraphie, interprétation Jan Martens

Ingénieur son documentaire Yanna Soentjens

Lumière Elke Verachtert

Costumes Cédric Charlier

Vidéo et musique liste complete des extraits vidéo (© Archives INA) et titres de musique via www.grip.house

Montage vidéo Sabine Groenewegen

Regards extérieurs Marc Vanrunxt, Anne-Lise Brevers, Rudi Meulemans

Direction technique Michel Spang/Elke Verachtert

Production GRIP

Coproduction De Singel, Les Hivernales / CDCN d’Avignon, Julidans / Amsterdam, C-TAKT, Perpodium

Diffusion internationale A Propic / Line Rousseau & Marion Gauvent

Résidences Toneelhuis, ccBe, CND Centre national de la danse / Paris

Soutien du Gouverment flamand, Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral de Belgique, Cronos Invest


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