Ember + Bolero

The30/01/2016 Centre Culturel de Huy

Ziya Azazi

The Festival Pays de Danses is proud to welcome two solo choreographies by the choreographer and dancer from Ankara Ziya Azazi on the occasion of Europalia Turkey. Genius of traditional dances (Sufi and dervish), he has based his first pyrotechnic work Ember on the practice of whirling. It tackles man’s selfdestruction, the realization of the inescapable nature of death, as well as the uncontrollable strength of life. Over time, this ruthless dilemma puts man in front of one observation: the more we are aware of what we are, the less we have choices available to us. Life, an irreversible circular movement, becomes a burning trap which annihilates all things. Bolero is also a mental and physical trip which is built on the concept of cyclicity, to which Ziya Azazi integrates the surprising repetition of Maurice Ravel’s work. In this performance, he presents us a wide range of captivating and surprising techniques which he has learnt to master, in order to enrich the strength of his art and grace.


25' + 40'
  • 20:30 mardi 26 janvier
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  • Tarif plein 19 €
  • Tarifs réduits senior / prof / groupe 15 €
  • Tarifs réduits - 26 ans, demandeurs d’emploi, pros du spectacle 8 €