EUROPALIA Train and Tracks

From25/03 on27/03/2022

Just over 175 years ago, Brussels and Paris were the first European capitals to be connected by train. The TGV high-speed train was inaugurated 40 years ago and Thalys is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Originally a symbol of how society and industrialisation were accelerating, today the train is more often the answer to a desire to slow down and travel in a more sustainable way.

EUROPALIA is focused on this invention, which is a significant source of inspiration for the arts.

With The Bastards, Mohamed Toukabri joins forces with a graphic designer to pay tribute to hip-hop culture and its relationship with public spaces and train stations. Through two of its key elements – breakdance and graffiti – we discover the stories and people at the source of this rich and inspiring world.

As part of the Pays de Danses Festival, Mohamed Toukabri and Eyes-B are waiting for you at Liège-Guillemins train station in their alternative photo booth with Moving Self-Portrait, to take your in-motion self-portrait. Using a torch, rap music and a camera with a long timer, they create a unique portrayal of you. This self-portrait will remind you that it’s not appearance that matters, but self-expression!