Expiry date

The13/02/2016 Ancien Abattoir / Eupen

BabaFish Cie

Expiry date starts on one last breath, one last hour. An elderly man is standing quietly ready to leave this world: however, inside him, his memories are floating like the objects around him: nothing seems to be decided. This is the danced and written story of a real « re-count down ». The young Belgian company Babafish offers a subtle mix of physical theatre, circus arts and objects manipulation in order to blur the frontier between past and present. Going from nostalgia to happiness and despair, faded passions rise up and give us the emotional retrospective of a life full of fights and beauty. Taken away by this wonderful energy, the objects and elements, such as dominos, hourglass, flames, aquarium and trees, see the minutes go by trying to hold them back, reminding us that no memory is sheltered from oblivion and that it is very important to savour fleeting moments before the light goes off.