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From26/09 on21/10/2021 Salle des pieds Légers

The Théâtre de Liège and Liège province are launching a collaboration based around the Provincial Artistic Collection. With each new season, the Theatre invites a particular individual to take a look at the collection and choose among the works in this rich and varied collection, which is too often neglected by the general public.

Maggy Jacot will be the first to inaugurate this cycle. She has chosen the Smith & Wesson staging by Alessandro Baricco, which was presented at the Théâtre de Liège in December. By intuitively grouping works from the Province, Maggy Jacot proposes ephemeral stories with no words, in a kaleidoscopic and non-conformist vision like her Pop-Up company, which was founded alongside Axel De Booseré.




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