Festival Images Sonores

From12/11 on14/11/2015 Salle de l’Œil vert

The place to be for electroacoustic music

The festival Images Sonores is without a doubt the place to be for electroacoustic music in Belgium. It’s also a focal point for mixed music, in which a sonorous world and acoustic instruments interact, debate and merge with electronic sounds. Presented by the Centre Henri Pousseur, the 17th edition of Image Sonores takes place for three evenings only, November 12th to 14th, at the Théâtre de Liège and has an abundance of musical creations not to be missed.

High-profile musicians – soloists and ensembles, Belgian and international guests – will interpret a broad spectrum of the contemporary musical repertoire, including several works commissioned by the Centre Henri Pousseur. Images Sonores is a place where performers and composers from an exceptionally creative musical scene intersect, and where acoustics, technology and performance reunite.

In addition, an exchange program was introduced between the composers and performers present at the festival and students of the Royal Conservatory in Liège.


Thursday November 12th, 2015

Théâtre de Liège | Salle de l’Oeil Vert

Two renowned ensembles will share the stage for this first concert evening. On the opening half of the concert, the ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, will interpret the two winning pieces of the debut edition of Ça Balance Classique. 

On the second half, the German ensemble Aventure, will present five creations, alternating between solo and ensemble repertoire, and introducing a virtual orchestra, in pieces by Thomas Hummel and Roberto David Rusconi.

7pm : Presentation of the Prix ça Balance Classique 2015

Auvray, 6 Tableaux Funestes – I. Le Ruisseau ** for ensemble and electronics
Pierard, Invention for ensemble
Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles & Centre Henri Pousseur
Thomas Van Haeperen, director

Free entrance, reservation necessary (at the Théâtre de Liège)

8pm: Introduction to the concert at 8.30 pm

8.30pm: Ensemble Aventure (D) & Centre Henri Pousseur ***

Oliveira, Towdah * for ensemble and electronics
Kreidler, Klavierstück 5 * for piano and electronics
Rusconi, Mnemosyne ** for ensemble and electronics
Steiger, Concatenation * for bassoon and electronics
Hummel, Sinaida Kowalenko * for ensemble and electronics


Friday November 13th 2015

Théatre de Liège, Salle de l’Oeil Vert

7pm Introduction to the concert

7.30pm ***

Ensemble Aton’&Armide : Sara Picavet, piano & Benjamin Glorieux, cello
Luigi Gaggero, cimbalom
Students of the Royal Conservatory at Liège
François Deppe, director
Centre Henri Pousseur

As a result of the unique collaboration between the Centre Henri Pousseur and the Conservatoire royal de Liège, we are able to present a unique project in which young composers and performers, both students and professionals, collaborate. Three premieres of works written by students in the composition class from Liège, will be interspersed with works by Luigi Nono, Matalan and the first complete performance of the cycle (Paysages-Etudes) by renowned Belgian composer Daan Janssens.


Nono, Sofferte ondo serene for piano and electronics
Janssens, (Paysages-Etudes) I for cello and piano
Auvray, Création ** for cello, piano and electronics
Janssens, (Paysages-Etudes) V forflute, cello and piano
Couvreur, Création ** for ensemble and electronics
Janssens, (Paysages-Etudes IV) for ensemble
Hejdrowski, Création ** for ensemble and electronics
Janssens, (l’espace d’une page) for cimbalom and ensemble
Matalon, Traces IX * for cello and electronics
Janssens, (…nada.) for cello, piano and electronics


Saturday November 14th 2015

Théâtre de Liège

At the grand finale of the festival, a collective of Belgian soloists will present an ambitious and wide-ranging journey through some of the most adventurous music of our time.  First, in the hall of the Théâtre, the focus lies on art performance. Afterwards the musicians, as soloists or united as an ensemble, will explore an array of new astonishing pieces grouped together in three discrete sections.

An evening full of cutting edge music!

6pm Discovery program in the hall of the Theater

Ablinger, Renate Fuczik for piano and 1 loudspeaker
Applebaum, Aphasia for muted singer and tape
Ablinger, The Real as Imaginary for voice & noise

Free entrance, no reservation needed

7pm Salle de l’Oeil Vert ***

Centre Henri Pousseur & a collective of Belgian soloists:

Nico Couck (guitar), Ine Vanoeveren (flute), Frederik Croene (piano), Arne Deforce (cello), Tom De Cock (percussion) et Takao Hyakutome (violin)

Pauly, Another Celibate Machine * for ensemble and electronics
Kreidler, Klavier Study for piano, video and electronics
Oliveira, Burning Silver * pour flute, guitar and electronics
Ledoux, PLS Ap Download for cello and électronics
Steiger, Light on Water (nouvelle version) ** for flute, piano and electronics
Ferneyhough, Mnemosyne for bass flute and electronics
Rosenberger, Untitled (tape) *
Kreidler, Stil 1f * for ensemble and electronics
Takasugi, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Laughing * for ensemble and electronics
Bloland, Solis Overture * for ensemble and electronics
Hayden, Schismatics // for electric violin and electronics
Pauly, Sky Destroy Dog * for electric guitar and electronics
Schubert, Hello 2.0 ** for ensemble, electronics and video


* Belgian premiere

** world premiere

*** entrance charge

Site : www.memm.be