Het jaar van de kreeft

The21/05/2016 Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht

Luk Perceval / Toneelgroep Amsterdam

In Het jaar van de kreeft (the Year of the Lobster), Hugo Claus, a key writer of the 19th century, close to Antonin Artaud, draws the portrait of a couple, devastated by separation anxiety. Through provocative and poetic scenes, the director Luk Perceval and the Toneelgroep Amsterdam absorb us into an existential tragedy about the fear to live and death urges, punctuated by lively and hilarious dialogues. These are two unforgettable characters who take part in a timeless love story.

In french

Author Hugo Claus

Director Luk Perceval

With Maria Kraakman, Gijs Scholten van Aschat


Producer Toneelgroep Amsterdam




  • 00:00 jeudi 01 janvier
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