Jean de la Lune

From29/12 on30/12/2022 Salle de l’Œil vert

Compagnie Dérivation

Jean, the only inhabitant on the moon, is kind of bored. He is perched in the sky and would like to come down to Earth and have fun with humans. Suddenly, a passing comet brushes against him. Jean clings to it without hesitation and lands on our planet. But his arrival causes a panic and, soon, soldiers and police officers are sent to catch him and put him in jail. Tomi Ungerer’s children’s album enticed the Dérivation company with its poetry, its political element and its childish protagonist, who looks at the world under dictatorship with a hopelessly optimistic gaze. Director Sofia Betz presents an exceptional theatrical adaptation of the book, echoing our reality. She celebrates those who disobey stupid orders, so solidarity wins out. The prison guards become friends with the ‘Moon Man’ and the entire city joins together in an ode to freedom and helping one another. Like Steven Spielberg’s E.T., the show confronts us with the presence of an extraterrestrial on Earth and, based on how everyone reacts, the world opens up, or fails to open up, to the unknown… A beautiful and profound interplanetary journey to enjoy during Christmas at the theatre.



Jeune public à partir de 5 ans




Adaptation de l’œuvre originale et mise en scène Sofia Betz
Scénographie et costumes Sarah de Battice
Comédiens Simon Espalieu et Julien Rombaux
Musique Lionel Vancauwenberge
Constructions Raphaël Michiels
Assistanat à la mise en scène Hyuna Noben
Diffusion Justine Gérard
Assistanat et production Floriane Palumbo

Coproduction Théâtre La montagne magique, le Centre de Littérature de Jeunesse de Bruxelles et la COOP asbl

Soutiens Shelterprod,, ING et Tax Shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique, L’école des loisirs, Point Zéro, Centre Culturel Anima (FR), Centre Culturel de Braine L’Alleud et les Chiroux


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