La Végétarienne – SHOW CANCELLED

From13/12 on17/12/2022 Salle de la Grande Main

D’après Han Kang / Selma Alaoui


After three delays due to the global health crisis in recent years, and the withdrawal of the director for unspecified personal reasons, we regret to inform you that La Végétarienne, which was adapted by Selma Alaoui from the multiple award-winning text by Han Kang, has been cancelled. It was the very first adaptation authorised by the author, who is typically reluctant to sell the rights to adapt her novels. This creation, which brings together a mixed team of nine Korean artists and three Korean creatives, as well as one artist and four creatives from Belgium, was initially scheduled between 13 and 17 December 2022, alongside Strange Beauty, another co-production from the collaboration between the Théâtre de Liège and the National Theatre Company of Korea, staged by Korean artist Yo-Sup Bae. Fortunately, the latter production is still scheduled in Liège.


Avec Eun-Hoo Hwang, Won-Jo Jung, Jung-Won Shin, Sang-Kyu Son, Yong-U Park, Seong-Ik Jang, Guk-Hyang Cheon

Mise en scène et adaptation Selma Alaoui

Assistée de Mina Kweon

Aide à la dramaturgie Hyun-Joo Lee

Aide à la traduction et à l’adaptation Jung-Eun Choi

Scénographie Sabine Theunissen & Karolien De Schepper

Réalisation vidéo Bruno Tracq

Musique et son Loup Mormont

Lumières Mi-Lim Sung

Costumes Eun-Kyung Lee

Maquillage Ji-Young Baek

Régies Théâtre de Liège

Coproduction National Theater Company of Korea et Théâtre de Liège

Soutien Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Aide à l’accueil Ambassade de la République de Corée / Centre Culturel coréen de Bruxelles, Ambassade de Belgique en République de Corée


Selma Alaoui est accueillie en compagnonnage au Théâtre de Liège (2018-2022)


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