Landskin + cqfd?

The8/11/2017 cultuurcentrum, Hasselt

Compagnia TPO (Prato) + Cirque Barbette (Brussels)

The Italian company TPO, which mixes maestria images, sounds, computer design and dance, is a habitue of cultuurcentrum Hasselt. On stage, this time, thousands of fresh and fragrant eucalyptus leaves. Two dancers appear in a projected bark texture. The bare silhouettes absorb the light and form part of the images. This “electronic” skin becomes a spatial garden as a backdrop for abstract and ritual writing.


The new creation of Compagnie Barbette penetrates into the sphere of intimacy. This circassian performance starts from the observation that during our lifetime, we are faced with different learning of balance. Suspended on stage such as fine air routes, ropes, wires, barbed or not, planks, tubes, holes, fillings, voids and false pretenses lacerated the scenography. But it is without counting on the intervention of the digital artist, Nicolas Montgermont, whose trompe-l’œil strings multiply the horizons, thus impressing another dimension in the course of Rosa Matthis. cqfd? is the precarious balance of our choices.


Artistic director Compagnia TPO

Concept Davide Venturini, Francesco Gandi

With Valentina Consoli, Valentina Sechi

Picture Elsa Mersi, Rossano Monti

Music Spartaco Cortesi

In collaboration with Luca Farulli, Livia Cortesi, Laura VdB Facchini

Coproduction Teatro Metastasio



cqfd ?

Performer Rosa Matthis

Dramaturgy, directed by Sara Lemaire

Digital Creator Nicolas Montgermont

Light designer Valentin Boucq

Music creator Julien de Borman

Director and video tracking Tonin Bruneton

Advisor hooks and editing Geoffroy de Hasque

Production Cirque Barbette


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