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The13/09/2015 Salle de l’Œil vert

Patrick Corillon

Sixty minutes to speak every language

Patrick Corillon, who has worked as a visual artist for le Théâtre de Liège, is presenting the third part of his quadrilogy, Les vies en soi, which tackles the search for identity and whose first two parts, Le benshi d’Angers and L’ermite ornamental, were presented during our opening night. In this play, he combines his drawings with his stories to make the characters and the landscapes more alive than ever. These elements are inspired by Ossip Mandelsteam’s story, when he was a prisoner in the USSR and was telling hopeful stories to his cellmates. We already know that stories can save us. But is it so because they have the power to take us somewhere else completely or, on the contrary, because they give us the strength to face the toughest realities?

In French



Playwright, scenic designer and actor Patrick Corillon

Artistic collaborators Dominique Roodthooft

Assistants graphic and scenic designer Rüdiger Flörke (construction), Ioannis Katikakis (drawings), Raoul Lhermitte (film animation and editing)


Producer le CORRIDOR

Co-producer Fundamental Monodrama Festival (Luxembourg)

With support from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and from the Région wallonne


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60 min
  • 16:00 dimanche 13 septembre
  • 18:00 dimanche 13 septembre
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