L’Arbre à clous

Dominique Roodthooft
22/09/2024 04/10/2024
  • Duration: +/- 1:20
  • Location : Salle de l’Œil vert


According to an ancient Walloon tradition that has spanned the ages, to rid oneself of an ailment affecting our body, one would simply rub the head of a nail at the site of the pain before planting it in a tree, which would then absorb our suffering.

the CORRIDOR – a Liège-based creative house celebrating its twentieth year of existence this season – will reexamine this singular tradition of the nail tree in the light of our current world and transform the theater stage into a collective and votive vigil around an imaginary tree, both “druidic” and playful.

The idea is to plant one’s nail to rid oneself of a burden, a suffering, an annoyance, an “excess of” that weighs us down. But also to deposit our wishes, our hopes in order to help us break out of the cycle of dead ends, to restore confidence, joy, robustness, the pleasure of risk.

Deliberately focused on our contemporary concerns (but which may extend far back), L’Arbre à clous unsuspected artistic, philosophical, humorous, and political forms with the desire to believe in possibilities. Activating the powers of imagination to reinvent oneself.


Date Hour
Sunday, September 22 2:00 pm Book
Tuesday, September 24 7:00 pm Book
Wednesday, September 25 7:00 pm Book
Thursday, September 26 7:00 pm Book
Friday, September 27 7:00 pm Book
Saturday, September 28 3:00 pm Book
Saturday, September 28 7:00 pm Book
Tuesday, October 1 7:00 pm Book
Wednesday, October 2 7:00 pm Book Post-show discussion
Thursday, October 3 7:00 pm Book
Friday, October 4 7:00 pm Book


  • Plein tarif 15 €
  • 65ans+/Carte prof/Groupe10+ 15 €
  • -30ans/Pro/Dem.d'emploi 9 €
  • Groupe scolaire 8 €
  • -15ans 7 €
  • Etudiants Conservatoires Art de la parole 5 €


Conception, direction Dominique Roodthooft

Acting and singing Ludovic Drouet, Camille Freychet, Julie Peyrat

Music and sound environment Pierre Kissling

Set design Valérie Perin, Pascal Lemaître

Artistic contributions Léonard Berthet, Inès Cassigneul, Delphine De Baere, Isabelle Dumont, Ludovic Drouet, Isabelle Jonniaux, Pascal Lemaître, Mathias Ruelle, Pieter De Buysser, Sarah Vanagt, Mieke Verdin & Charlott Pomm.

Assistant Director Sarah Brahy

Dramaturgical support Patrick Corillon, Isabelle Dumont

Construction support Rüdiger Flörke

Graphic design and video animation Raoul Lhermitte

Lighting/sound creation and management Renaud Minet

Administration and coordination Fanny Mohr, Françoise Sougné

Set construction Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

Costume creation Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

Thanks to magicians Jacques Born, Caroline Fréson, Christian Maure (Krys le magicien) for their invaluable advice.

Thanks to researchers Rachel Brahy, Didier Debaise, Vinciane Despret, Cynthia Fleury, Martin Givors, Olivier Hamant, Donna Haraway, Olivier Labussière, Bruno Latour, Françoise Lempereur, Virginie Milliot, Josep Rafanell i Orra, Isabelle Stengers, Jonathan Thonon, Yves Winkin, Nathalie Zaccai-Reyners whose thoughts have greatly nourished this project.

Co-production le CORRIDOR, DC&J Création, Théâtre de Liège, le Centre des Arts Scéniques, Mars – Mons arts de la scène, Théâtre des Martyrs (les Insolites) (in progress)

Support Mutantx-BIP24, MSH-ULg (Liège)

Supported by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Wallonie Emploi, Belgian Federal Government Tax Shelter, Inver Tax Shelter, Province de Liège




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