Lecture Christoph De Boeck

The7/11/2017 PXL-MAD, School of Arts

Auteur & Metteur en scène
Compagnie Unetelle

Christoph De Boeck creates a work of visual installations in which sound resides as an articulation of energy. The transducer elements are applied to the resonant surfaces and the sound sources are spatially arranged to achieve a coherent visual and sound image. Sound reveals the immaterialities that our world produces. Indeed, Christoph De Boeck has focused on how stress or tension leave acoustic traces on materials, especially in infrastructure cracks revealed by ultra-acoustic technology. This arrangement of acoustic marks refers to an artificial world under pressure. These are traces that indicate that a larger event takes place in a horizon that we can not define.

Organization PXL-MAD ism CCHasselt

Extra : Masterclass for arts students (also open to computer science students or engineers)

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