Les Barbares

From27/10 on31/10/2015 Salle de l’Œil vert

Compagnie Hamadi

In this play which was written, staged and directed by Hamadi, the actor Soufian El Boubsi tells us the story of a man brought down by difficulties in a poverty-stricken country. He is standing up though and decides to fight his lifelong curse. When good things (love, birth of his child, hope) happen to him, he decides to turn his back on what he was and to pursue the dream of El Dorado. But he is neither a beggar nor a nice “forced immigrant”: his story made him violent, short-tempered and sometimes dishonest. He comes to get what he thinks he deserves: his well-being, progress and a better life. He takes what he is not given. It is a play about forced or chosen exiles of today, about the men and women who want to get to the appealing West at any price.

In French


Playwright, scenic designer and director Hamadi
Actor Soufian El Boubsi
Voice Morgiane El Boubsi

Sound designer Michel Rorive
Lighting designer Fred Nicaise
Assistant director Marwane El Boubsi
Stage manager and designer Mohamed Ben Salah

Producer Compagnie Hamadi