Marie Madeleine Marguerite de Montalte

The28/04/2016 Salle de la Grande Main

Jean-Philippe Toussaint

We are pleased to present you an exceptional show for the annual gala of the association “Les Amis du Théâtre de Liège”. It was founded in 2007, during the presidency of the Gouverneur de la Province de Liège Michel Foret and it is open to those who wants to join us and to take part in the theatre’s work.

Our guest of honour is the Belgian author and filmmaker Jean-Philippe Toussaint who, for a concert, speak about his entire romantic quadrilogy (Faire l’amour, Fuir, La vérité sur Marie and Nue) about Marie, a fashion designer and the narrator’s wife. On stage, you will see videos and listen to live post-folk-rock music by the Delano Orchestra led by Alexandre Delano and to the author’s reading of a selection of the “Cycle de Marie”. From Paris to Tokyo, Elba and China, the two characters keep breaking up and getting back together in a perpetual movement that goes from a crisis to loving exaltation. This genius author has the gift to make us hear what is not said. A great emotional moment.

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Musical play by Jean-Philippe Toussaint and The Delano Orchestra

Creator Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand, scène nationale.


Length Unknown, show creation
  • 20:00 jeudi 28 avril
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  • Play + reception 40 €
  • Play + reception (- 26 years) 25 €