The13/11/2017 cultuurcentrum, Hasselt

Wende (Amsterdam)

Wende has become one of the most versatile and talented artists on the Dutch stage in recent years. His musical interpretations extend to the fields of pop, electro, French chanson, classical music, and sometimes even cinema. A range of skills that does not fail to arouse the deep interest of the public.
For Mens, Wende surrounded himself with renowned writers such as Dimitri Verhulst and Arnon Grunberg. Together, they write new stories and compose songs about what “human being” means nowadays. The result is an intimate and surprising journey in an astonishing form combining pop, electro and advanced technologies.
With Mens, Wende returns to his roots in a contemporary way: in song. A form of song that, like no other, is stamped with tradition and has the power to touch the hearts of its listeners.

Song & piano Wende Snijders

Percussion & electronics Yan & LudoWic

Directed by Marcus Azzini

Design Chloe Lamford

Co-production Muziektheater Transparant